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Where Can I See The Full Kim Kardashian Sextape For Free?

im not a sick freak but my friends always bag on me because i havent seen it so can someody tell me were


ANSWER: here.

How Can I Get Rid Of My Fat Face?

How does kim kardashian have a thick body but a very slim face????

i am very skinny but my face is fat and doesnt match my body
its very irritating
when i gain weight it goes straight to my face!!!!!!

this is very frustrating because i cant grow a bigger ass or bigger boobs because im scared my face will blow up more than it already has!!!

need advice!

I Need Help With My Diet. Freshman From Highschoool?

so i eat A SUPER LOT and i am not that fat but i feel like i have kim kardashian’s legs but a little fatter but i need to start my diet now. i am a freshman and my body is pretty skinny except im growing more belly and leg fat… tips…. and no machiens please cause i dont have machines in my house. i am a freshman and i weigh about 114 pounds and i feel insecure all the time so please help me!

Why Are Fat Females Mean And Shallow?

i seen ALOT and i mean ALOT of fat females who think there hot like megan fox and kim kardashian and think there healthy but i notice that when we do some cardio they tire out and give up quick

where does that arrogance come from?

i know girls who are thick but with skinny figures who are kind hearted and nice anbd don’t put up a tough act

Poll: If Kim Kardashian And Megan Fox Were To Suddenly Get In A Fight Who Would Win?

* I pick Megan Fox!

How Can I Let My New Twitter Followers Know That I Love Tim Tebow?

So yesterday I asked a question here asking if life is so fair, then why am I losing Twitter followers? I don’t really give a crap about Twitter followers but it was something I could use to ask a question and mention I love my beloved♥♥♥ Anyway, somebody answered with a link to some website to get more Twitter followers. I clicked there and you had to buy them. I won’t buy Twitter followers. What the heck? but I did my research on that.

During my research, I found a name of some website that said it got you followers fo’free. I was like, whatever! maybe I’ll make new friends, and entered my Twitter info just to try it. I got freaking like 150 followers in less than 24 hours (and they keep coming). Now I know how Kim Kardashian has millions of people following her on Twitter. Anyway, it’s time for all those strangers to know what’s up. They need to know what y’all know, that I love my beloved Tim Tebow. Maybe one of them is friends with him or something and will tell him and then we’ll marry and have 9 babies. Everything thanks to a stranger.

This love is a current event everybody needs to know about. Go ahead and tell everyone you know that your friend Princess from R&S is madly, deeply and truly in love with Tim Tebow♥♥♥
Speaking of Twitter and being a Twitter attention [insert the W-word], would y’all please follow the @WannaBaPrincess ? That one does need some love. Will get to it later.

When Was Kim Kardashian Sex Tape?

when was kim kardhashian.

Why Is Kim Kardashian Famous?

and why is everyone so obssesed with her she made a Sex tape with a guy that no one knew who he was, and know she makes millions a year seriously WTF!!!!

ps im not jelous im mad that people let this happen

Why Are Certain ‘celebrities’ Even Famous,how Long Do You Think They Will Last?

I hate pretty much every celebrity out there today. kim kardashian,miley cyrus,kourtney kardashian,paris hilton,etc,etc,etc..why are those whores even famous?! I don’t like to judge people,but when you are in the public eye,and do very disgusting things for the world to see..and aren’t even ashamed of it,you truly ARE a whore. They are famous for nothing..I can somewhat understand as to why ‘miley’ is famous,because kids love her music..somehow. But really,they all have no talent. I’m not going to bash you if you like them..but I want to know your opinions,why do you even think they are famous? I know connections are everything..but seriously,there has to be ONE witty person out there who should know those bitches aren’t worth the time. And how long do you think they will be known? Honestly. I am so tired of hearing about worthless people who get recognition..and for nothing. It’s either looks,sex,or money..when really,none of that matters.
Your thoughts?

Also,my step sister was watching the KCA last night and I noticed kim kardashian was on there..WTF? Why would they let her on that awards show? Like I said..and like it’s proven,she has no reason to be famous..and she is only known because she made a sex tape! That’s worthy to kids…HOW?
Thanks again!
@Comet…agreed. I just wonder how long they will be famous…if we’re lucky,not for long.

How Come People In America Can Become Famous For Just Being Dumb Attention?

whores?~ Like the cast of jersey shore, kim kardashian, amber rose and paris hilton~ why are these people famous again?
~ amber rose, what can she do? she’s nothing but a stripper she use to date kanye west and now she’s with wiz khalifa she’s nothing but a slut. ~
~ jersey shore cast, who are they? just a bunch of dumb people that party and fight like animals~
~kim kardashian, why is her life and family important to people in america? nobody knew who this wh*re was until she did a sex tape with ray j. and just like amber rose she jumped from ray j to reggie bush then try dating some more famous people.~
~ paris hilton? she’s nothing but a wreck. what can she actually do? nothing.~
America is so sad, nowadays it seems like you can just become famous for being, dumb people and attention wh*res.

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