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Where Can I Buy The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape?

My boyfriend an I want to watch it lol. I’m assuming you’d have to be 18 to purchase it, so he’ll have to, but where can we find it on DVD ?


ANSWER: Vivid’s website.

What Would You Think If You Saw Kim Kardashian In The Street?

I think she is the 2nd most gorgeous woman next to Georgia Salpa. But it seems like the sex tape thing and all the surgery is bringing people’s opinions of her physical appearance down. So if you didn’t know ANYTHING about her and just saw her walking down the street like a regular person, what would you think of her? Or would you still think she looked fake?

Why Do People Care About Pointless Celebs Like Kim Kardashian?

Trust me I am NOT a hater. It’s just that I just DISLIKE people who do NOT deserve fame, like Kim Kardashian. The only thing I dislike is the fact she got famous for a sextape. I mean yeah, she has her own store and clothing line, but c’mon, you don’t get that famous for that. And her reality show? Who really cares what goes on in her life? I also dislike the fact that her face is just plastic and Botox. And her “butt”? I have seen before pictures of her and she had NO butt whatsoever, like this one. I admit she is a very beautiful woman but that’s just because of plastic surgery. Just asking what the fuck does she do?

Kim Kardashian Hair Help?

Ok do you guys know kim k and her waves I get that but what about her bangs although I searched and I can’t find how to do that. Her front is parted But how does she do it? Any help Or any suggestions on what I can type in to search or a video? Thank you and God Bless!!:-)

Who’s Prettier? Kim Kardashian? Beyonce? Lady Gaga?


Kim Kardashian:,r:8,s:38&biw=1003&bih=475


Lady Gaga:,r:7,s:0

@ Anna Prescott- LOL. Seriously, she does….I figure most people find her attractive because shes so famous. Idk….
@ Music Lover- Thats the truth! Their just celeb girls….

Why Do Guys Drool Over Kim Kardashian?,r:7,s:0&biw=1440&bih=809

I mean, she’s pretty, but I don’t see the big deal about her. She has makeup caked on every inch of her face. And not to mention the amount of plastic surgery she’s had and Photoshop done to 90% of her pictures. I’m definitely not prettier than her, but still, I don’t understand..

Whos Hotter Megan Fox Or Nicki Minaj Or Kim Kardashian Or Katy Perry ?

Whose hotter ??

What Kind Of Make Up Does Kim Kardashian Wear For A Smokey Eye?

<3 i wanted to know the brands

Do You Think That Kim Kardashian Wears Dresses That Are Way To Tight?

She’s beatiful but I’m just confused on her fashion sense.

Poll: Is Kim Kardashian Every Guy’s Dream Woman?

Guys always say she’s so hot, and all. So is she? Plus, she’s getting married to hotty Kris Humphries…r u sad?

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