How Come People In America Can Become Famous For Just Being Dumb Attention?

whores?~ Like the cast of jersey shore, kim kardashian, amber rose and paris hilton~ why are these people famous again?
~ amber rose, what can she do? she’s nothing but a stripper she use to date kanye west and now she’s with wiz khalifa she’s nothing but a slut. ~
~ jersey shore cast, who are they? just a bunch of dumb people that party and fight like animals~
~kim kardashian, why is her life and family important to people in america? nobody knew who this wh*re was until she did a sex tape with ray j. and just like amber rose she jumped from ray j to reggie bush then try dating some more famous people.~
~ paris hilton? she’s nothing but a wreck. what can she actually do? nothing.~
America is so sad, nowadays it seems like you can just become famous for being, dumb people and attention wh*res.