Should We Boycott The Kardashians?

do you think the viewers should boycott the kardashians and officially band them from tv? what were we all thinking we let a porn sextape, scammer slip right through our hands , are we getting that desperate as a country, back in the 70s this would not have happen, peoplle had more family pride. a lot of this is mothers with latch key teens who is just glad they stay home to watch tv while any other time they would be in the streets. we can lower our dignity for this garbage. i hope the net works will listen to us the public for once. the kardashians seduced us with their non nudity but sexually archestrated scamm , do you know how many children have called kim kardashian a role model… as though she is oprah. yes they did have a massive followers as big as taylor swift, i remember when kim came to barnes and nobles for a book signing the line was long as a trrain. and mostly young girls some so small the momas were carryng them. lol
it was just sick, i say a scene on the news, and i remember thinking wow this is sad.and i pity the parents who. participate in such tragedy