Why Are Certain ‘celebrities’ Even Famous,how Long Do You Think They Will Last?

I hate pretty much every celebrity out there today. kim kardashian,miley cyrus,kourtney kardashian,paris hilton,etc,etc,etc..why are those whores even famous?! I don’t like to judge people,but when you are in the public eye,and do very disgusting things for the world to see..and aren’t even ashamed of it,you truly ARE a whore. They are famous for nothing..I can somewhat understand as to why ‘miley’ is famous,because kids love her music..somehow. But really,they all have no talent. I’m not going to bash you if you like them..but I want to know your opinions,why do you even think they are famous? I know connections are everything..but seriously,there has to be ONE witty person out there who should know those bitches aren’t worth the time. And how long do you think they will be known? Honestly. I am so tired of hearing about worthless people who get recognition..and for nothing. It’s either looks,sex,or money..when really,none of that matters.
Your thoughts?

Also,my step sister was watching the KCA last night and I noticed kim kardashian was on there..WTF? Why would they let her on that awards show? Like I said..and like it’s proven,she has no reason to be famous..and she is only known because she made a sex tape! That’s worthy to kids…HOW?
Thanks again!
@Comet…agreed. I just wonder how long they will be famous…if we’re lucky,not for long.